Our own death: Destiny or Choice?

I wonder if we are born wisest and then started being stupid with each passing age.
You see a different generation ahead of you and then see a generation of future growing up to be like you.

Then those people who are certainly more adult than you know pretty much about life and have a tale to tell on the tip of the tongue.

It is going to be too cliche to start with this but If Anthony Bourdain, A man who was at a peak in every aspect of his life, He who brought everyone together via food, made people happy with all the passion and energy he had in him. If he can take his own life, Then there is definitely everything Wrong with this world.

A man who was dear and near to many people had his own demons hidden inside his wings, a demon which let him fly but after a while killed him without letting a whisper out.

I sometimes wonder when you have given so much to the life. and have enjoyed so many things too, wouldn’t you want to wait until it’s naturally over? Wouldn’t You want to see What more is there in life? Or, maybe we get so tired that life starts becoming dizzy. When friends start visiting us at an old home When You cannot see life the same energetic and passionate way. And more importantly, When your soul is Scratched, dusted, dented and scream that it can not take any more.

I Think at that point, A person does become selfish that no matter how many times He/She consider their decision, they cannot see any solution beyond death, beyond Suicide.

They do not want to consider what will another people go through, All at the moment matters is peace.

Switzerland allows you to take your life, And I think it’s completely safe to say that It is a great gift given to the residents (all of your varied opinions are respected). I think it shows the supreme control we have on our lives, Especially when you have lived a life all independent, Full of springs, summer and rain so when life is at autumn and the quality of life gets deteriorated.

So Die peacefully surrounded by friends, family instead of popping myriad of pills every night just to get the sleep. Die When you’re done and want to sleep with dignity rather than seeing people cringe Every time they see you.

I see an old person being happy with a 5-minute conversation, all they have is memories to live, little food to survive because they are unable to work their own body in their own way.

All they can do is stare out of a window, ponder on a thought and wait for their turn to leave this life.

I wonder what’s difficult being stupid at the young age with lots of friends, making mistakes and learning from it in a tough way or Sitting on a chair, relishing memories, watching your friends die one by one and waiting for your turn or the worst loosing your better half before you.

In the world where children prefer their aspirations over parents, I sometimes wonder what exactly goes in the head of this person sitting on a chair trying to cope up with the remaining life.

So sit with them a little, talk to them, hug them, tell them you love them.
because When they smile, body and face wrinkled, almost white eyelashes closed, Time stops.
They say old is indeed gold.

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