False Trend of memes: How pictures spread lies…

The false trend of memes really affecting the social media platform lately. As it’s easy to share misleading information in form of memes and getting instant attention and following is a purpose behind these acts, according to studies.

Did you just believe it?

No studies have been ever conducted to find out the purpose of people who are using false trend of memes in the war of most narcissistic age ever.

Look at this example :


The false trend of memes False trend of memes A image screenshot from Instagram.

No research study ever conducted to prove it either.

It’s just one of the example of thousands misleading memes all over the world, right now.

In the world, where everyone is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery.

We are living in the most narcissistic age ever, where social media is a battlefield and everyone is a warrior, And memes play as one of the instruments of war, in this scenario.

What is the false trend of memes anyway?

Memes are often used as an instrument to spread wrong information over the internet, to get instant publicity by different brands.
Some people use it as a political agenda.
This false or wrong information is often accompanied by aggressive humor.

How can pictures paint thousands of lies?

The trend of meme dominating social media platform for a while now. One of the articles, by Isabel Hardman, the menace of a meme: How a picture can paint a thousand of lie (spectator blog), exposed the truth about the false trend of the meme. She explained, how the images are faked against politicians to hide the truth and create a controversy.

why do we believe in false proofs?

We all seek information, and it would be so crunchy if we can get it in easy and reliable form. Memes do the same thing, they give us information in an easily digestible form. Nobody bothers to know the truth behind it, as they got a lot of other stuff to deal with. We easily believe in false evidence and poofs without any attribution. As sir Conan Doyle said,

Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing. It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but if you shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing in an equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different

Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

So, it’s easy to choose the evidence, that we can see and analyze with our open eyes, without focusing on the different point of view.

Is this mean, we have to stop doing social media?

Is this mean, we have to stop using memes, or even social media?
No, we certainly can’t. As the imaginary war has begun already, which is unconditional, unrealistic and unstoppable by all means.

“we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. “

Erik Qualman

What should we do in such conditions?

Everyone is telling you that it’s wrong, to share misleading information in the form of meme. But nobody tells you what to do.

There is plenty of Option, but one which doesn’t give you benefits for your research would be of no use.

The one advice, if anyone asks me that how they can cope with it, I would suggest the ‘Reverse Meme’. That’s what I am calling it for Now.

Expose the truth in the language of sarcasm.

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