I’m smartphone & I know how hard it is

I’m smartphone!!!!!!!!!
I’m your best friend, I hope I’m, because if it isn’t me then you must be pinhead. You don’t have WhatsApp to chat with your friends, family, lover, BFF, bae and no stories too. You don’t have Instagram or Insta whatever you may call it, so you don’t scroll on all the entertainment right from social posts, to personal posts, to videos, to latest trends, to following your celebs. You don’t have Facebook like really, oh come on everyone’s on Facebook it’s your level one entrance to social media. You don’t have YouTube, that’s impossible whole day long without watching videos, no songs, no movies, no series, no matches and no buffering mode. You don’t have any gaming app, no clash of clans, no cricket, no football and no PUBG. You don’t have Amazon, Netflix, Google Duo, Tiktok.
You don’t have Life dude!!!!!
Alright so you are a Normal Human being!!!!!
You think there’s life outside your phone. Amazing, beautiful, incredible, entertaining and rollercoaster life to experience. You manage out your time for your family, to caress your mom, to imitate your dad, to fight with your siblings, to hang out with your friends. You know there’s a big playground few yards down the lane where you can go and test your sporting skills. You know there’s an orphanage few miles away where you can often visit to meet young talented and blessed kids. You know there’s a worship place in your vicinity to do whatever that makes you feel at peace. You know your neighbor has an angel girl who waits for you to get her a chocolate every evening. You know that there’s a pair of dog who might be fighting all day long but very sincerely they settle down near the gate at midnight to start their fun session with you. You know every sunday you and your friends have to meet up to educate some underprivileged kids. You know there’s a book which is an autobiography of a freedom fighter to be completed this week and then you have decided to start with a fiction book for a change next week. You know there’s a ” Run for the beaches ” activity coming up next week and you got to prepare yourself to be fit to complete that race. You know there’s a family dinner time to be cherished. You know there are different ways to impress your love other than plain texting, audio or video calling. You know there’s a morning train journey, there’s a roadside snack time, there’s some nature exploring kind of time you can share with your love partner. You know there’s a morning walk to accompany your Dad. You know there’s an evening market visit with your mom. You know there’s a lot more to do apart from exploring your own mobile or maybe shoulder surfing.
And you think you got a life?

Undoubtedly Yes!!!!!

Now the resolution is not that you shouldn’t use¬† your phone or it’s a bad invention or it’s a waste of time. It’s nothing like that, I had read a paragraph somewhere which stated that “Previously the phones were attached to wires¬† and people were free, now phones have gone wireless and people are not free”
Let’s do one thing I’m a smartphone and I’m really smart so I have a smart solution to this smart dilemma. 4 L’s live love laugh and learn, the first three “L” is for your life and the last “L” is for you to use me to make your life even better with your loved one’s in it, right from family, friends, humans, animals and nature.

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