How The Toxic trend of sharing Password affecting major social civilization?

A toxic trend of sharing password infecting a major social civilization today.

The value of being connected and transparent is so high that the road bumps of privacy issues are much lower in actual experience that people’s fears. Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.

As many as one-third of teens have shared a password to an online account with a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, according to a Pew Research Center study. But while a shared password may be a sign of friendship, it also opens the door for hurt feelings when a relationship sours.

Teens often share their personal information to demonstrate trust and intimacy, says Krystal Kuehn, a teen counselor and co-founder of New Day Counseling in Troy.

Why do we share the password?
No one really asks for it. Then how and why?

Out of Love or Out of Insecurity :

There are plenty of reasons. Someone said love is a cause of all the evils, and it’s true in this case. But are we doing it out of love or out of insecurity? or, Maybe due to insecurity in love.
You may think you have never been really insecure about someone you love, but at the subconscious level of your mind, yes you are. We all have certain insecurities about the person we love.

To show transparency or to prove loyalty

Is transparency in relationships measured by keeping watch on one another? Or it’s just an attempt to prove your loyalty? Or yourself.

Can’t remember the password

Some people believe they can’t remember the password so they share it with someone they trust. This is the stupidest reason I have ever get.
Our brain is a storehouse of information. A password of Marley six letters and two Number are not allocated a to lot of our brain parts. Unless we try to forget it so hard.

A feeling of being Micro- Celebrity

One of the subjects we have interviewed explained how her boyfriend manages her social media account so much effectively for her. She never needed to take many efforts. This feeling of micro-celebrity is affecting a major part of the socially outward population.

Fear of losing someone we love

Fear of losing someone we want to be with is another cause of taking this steps against our will in many circumstances.
But sharing password creates more negative effects than we know. And that’s the reason many relationships do not make it up to the end.

## Final thoughts :

As Eric Qualman said, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”
But losing self-esteem and confidence in this social world is a major threat for teenagers. Yes, love is above all the dimensions (5th dimension as explained in Interstellar). But your self-esteem is more important than any relationship, say No to this toxic trend of sharing the password, be confident and understand your privacy.

“No one really does admire you, once they knew all of your secrets.”

## Reaction of people affected by this trend of sharing the password with their companion:

” First of all everything was great, I shared my password with him and he did the same.” one of the subject we have interviewed explained. “But, slowly it started making an impact on my social behavior, I started thinking about things he likes more than I do. I started following pages which means a lot to him and I don’t even care about the issues ever before are trending on my timeline.”

Another girl from the same group, “I emptied my inbox before I shared my password with my boyfriend, many of the previous chats with my friends, just to avoid the misunderstanding in our sole new relationship. I never really checked his inbox, rather I was more concerned about myself. Certainly, it felt like I wasn’t being myself and at other moment it’s good I am changing myself for him, for my love. I asked him he said he never really checked my account. I didn’t have any insecurities about him but now I was insecure about myself.”

” It wasn’t my account anymore, as she was equally handling it, or maybe she doesn’t. How do I know?  She may never really logged into my account. But I was trying to be safe by my side this time. I don’t have the freedom to do whatever freak I used to do and have fun on social media. I never want unnecessary issues.  I also tried to show off. In fact, I was showing off. I want her to like me more and think of me as I don’t care if she leaves me. Love games you know. “

” I never really cared about my password. I just did as she did for me. But  I know today I am defending myself rather than expressing on social media.”

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