I love you too?

I’m not a genius but I’m human.
I might not be an artist but I see the naked world.
I’m not an entertainer but I love the beauty around me.
I’m not a blunt or straightforward person but I put across my thoughts through words.
I’m a lover
I’m a giver
I’m a learner
I’m a caretaker
I’m a listener
I’m a supporter
I’m a believer
But who are you?????
You are ” I love you too “
You are the one who’s humble, who’s modest, who’s thoughtful and who always does the favour.

You don’t love me by saying ” I love you too “. It’s your ego, that you satisfy when someone says I love you and you are like my ego is satisfied, she’s the one who said it to me first and now you are in a trauma ohkay now what, now you need to respond to it, so you are like alright
You love me
I love you too
and not just here in every phase of life in every situation of life, it’s the same trend.
I have to give him a chocolate because he gave it to me on his birthday
I have to get him a gift because he got it on mine
I have to get him cake because he did something special on mine
I have to pick up all his calls because he was all ears to me when I needed
I have to meet him because he kept his shoulder next to me when I was seeking for it
I have to be nice to him because there’s no one nicer to me than him.
I have to sit on his bike because he wishes for it so badly
I have to come out of my house because he comes to see me so far
You don’t have to do this, sympathy is not the way, sympathy is not the choice, sympathy is confusing, sympathy is annoying, sympathy is disgusting, so be who you are , say what you feel, do what you like and then don’t change, because it’s a trauma for you and for the other person too.
A by-product of compromised relationship is something where “I love you too ” exists where things are being stretched forcefully but the day someone replies you ” I love you ” or ” I love you even more ” is when you come to know the sustainable one is here.
Till then no favour, not on others and not on yourself too.

Now my next topic is somewhat related to this ” The stubborn relationship ” , would like to know your views about it , either facebook, whatsapp, insta or directly on the psycuriosity link. An insight of yours would help me do much better with my next blog on ” The Stubborn Relationship”

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