Love beyond Battles : psmylove

We don’t talk and I hate you
We argue and I still love you

They are busy and don’t even inquire
You shout and your questions are about to fire

Make up your mind and move on, it’s easy love
difficult to bear but still yelling each other, that’s hard love

Once, maybe twice or lastly thrice and finally they ” dump “
Yesterday, today and tomorrow, you ain’t going coz we still in debate

Fairer, smarter, richer…. They have better option
You and Me, that’s “We” the only option

let me block you on WhatsApp and you also unfriend me on Facebook
but the condition is later, you say sorry first and I’ll completely forgive you

They say we don’t share a bond beacuse ” we fight alot “
I say ” We are Special ” & we do this because
” We love alot “

– Hariom Singh