Hey, Psy…How are you doing? After we did our best to psychoanalyze Dr.Hannibal Lecter aka The Devil. Now, We will do one of the biggest crazy characters of all time, a HITCHCOCK classic and it is pretty interesting just as Dr. Lecter.

So, the same thing as we did with Dr. Lecter we will evaluate everything from the very beginning keeping his mother Norma Bates in the center. Because she is the reason he became paranoid.

Norma Bates (The Mother) :

She was very much troubled from childhood, see, this is the beginning of Norman Bates, The Psycho.

She was raped by her own brother, who meant a world to him. They had trouble with their parents, attachment and all that basic needs which a kid has.

So they both started taking care of each other and eventually fell in love, had sex, later turned out to be forceful rape which gave her reason to escape with the child which was the product of incest. She set herself with a boyfriend in high school and ran away tried to raise her kid, miserably failed again, then he met the future father of Norman, who was an alcoholic, he too had some overreacting anger issues, he was kind of a sociopath.

Norma, traumatized from a young age has now adopted a habit of a fresh start and gone a maniac. after the first case where norman lost his cool when norma and Sam (Norman’s father) who are always in a fight, where he for the very first time shows signs of schizophrenia, DID Dissociative identity disorder. When he turns into his own mother and hits his father and kills him.

Norma afraid as always, tries to think he did it because of the anger he had for his father, again tries to escape from reality leaves town, buys ‘Bates Motel’. This is the first case when she runs away from the truth.

Bates Motel:

Now we will talk about where his condition worsens and he fully begin to adopt his mother ‘s persona and kills many people mainly women to whom he is sexually attracted, and then DID comes into play and he as being his mother kills those women to keep them away from her son since they were living in their own world since norman’s birth.

More Murders:

Despite from killing women, he has killed all the people who somehow came close to know his schizo behaviour since after death of norma, because he killed norma, his own mother,because his mom was world to him, doesn’t accept reality and even strongly creates his persona, almost forgets himself and commit murders from then on.


1.Childhood trauma:

Due to constant violent quarrels between his parents, he tries to create a perfect world thus leads to DID and creation of his mother in himself and did things which his mother should have done according to him.

2.Norma Bates:

without his mother, he is nothing as he commits crimes being her. Her mother is also having some sociopathic tendencies and sudden violent reactions to stress, to new challenges, perhaps too much obsession with norman as they two were everything to each other. All this played the basic role in the deterioration of his mental health and thus he became a PSYCHO.

3.Sexual tendencies:

This too has played a role as whenever he is sexually attracted to someone and due to his attachment to his mother, she takes those people away from him. Yeah, he is a pervert though you can not avoid that fact. suppression of basic human demands plays a role.


Since we have witnessed real-life schizo as we all did watch ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and how there is complete isolation from reality. The almost same thing goes with Norman since he creates a helping character which is his mother.
By definition, schizo appears in late adolescence or in early adulthood, the almost same thing goes with norman followed by delusions, dis organized thoughts, blackouts, and yeah it is a lifelong struggle for him, thus satisfying every condition to be a schizophreniac. But you can say as male tends to show symptoms earlier, this satisfies every condition.

5.Dissociative identity disorder:

Schizophrenia is a group of mental disorders, it is a big term, so this is where we are having a microscopical view of schizo in Norman’s case. A common name for this is ‘multiple personality disorder’.


It is post-traumatic? of course as we have already seen where it came from .and yeah his mother and he both are present in the same body so it is DID. They both switch from time to time as well. And yeah there is memory loss which is not for the other character but for Norman in this case while his mother another character is conscious and does things, he sleeps meanwhile.

Psy Twisted Quotes:

  1.  people always mean well. they cluck their thick tongues and shake their heads and suggest oh, so very delicately….
  2. A boy’s best friend is his mother.
  3. we all go a little mad sometimes.

So, this was our view on The psycho! If you noticed anything specific about the character. You want us to add in this monograph. Let us know, we will be happy to publish..!

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