Psychoanalysis of the Maniac : Adolf Hitler

After doing two fictional psychopaths i.e Norman Bates and Dr. Hannibal Lecter we finally are going for a world known Maniac i.e Adolf Hitler. The pattern is going to be the same as it was for those, let’s begin:

psychoanalysis- Hitler


There is not much info on his childhood but, at least the fact that his father was physically abusive is confirmed, as he used to beat Adolf brutally. As we take childhood seriously for psychological disorders, whether it is PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or sociopathy or other mental disorders, so children of course have a big role to play. His father used to take his frustration out on Adolf and one day he became rebellious and did stop crying even after brutal torture. At that point, he was left to die after brutal whipping.  so, where he had to control his own emotions and this is the beginning of the Maniac, Adolf Hitler, as he was overpowered by his own father, the suppression of desires and weakness begins.

Counteractive personality:

Dr. Murray has declared Hitler as a counteractive personality which means, the person has an intense desire to overpower weakness, deformities, and humiliations, wounds to self-esteem same as in the case of a narcissist. This persona reveals Hitler’s desire to revenge those wounds. By this means, he has already created a persona which he thinks he is. But, in actuality, he is the exact opposite of it. It is known as ‘ideal go reaction formation’.


So,  he decides to take revenge by controlling the masses, as being a political leader. he took out all the frustration which he had to deal with because of his psychological weaknesses.

A weak child :

Hard to believe, but Hitler also had many weaknesses. He was a sick child, emotionally dependent on his mother. Afraid of his father, he never was physically fit,  as he has never participated anywhere as an athlete, this, however, has been proved as one of the reasons behind his madness to rule the world through physical power i.e by the army. also, only a few of his siblings survived proving a physical weakness in his inheritance.

Ultimate opportunist :

As Germany was at the economic and social breakdown, he realized the desire of people and made them believe in him. As German people wanted to believe in someone who can let them overcome this crisis. Both German people’s and Hitler’s needs resonated in unison.


as he was weak physically and has failed to punish his father for his brutal torture, he saw himself in jews, who also do not protest or fight for themselves. some say this is the reason he picked jews.

Mama’s boy:

since hitler’s older siblings did not survive much longer as Hitler did. Few of them even died after just a year, his mother attached herself to young Adolf, she was extra protective of him and according to Hitler’s family doctor the bond between mother and son was so strong that when he gave the family, news that she was about to die with prolonged breast cancer left Hitler in tears while there was no such response from his sisters. and perhaps like norman bates started to treat his father as rivals to his mother’s love.

Choosing the soft side:

As young Hitler was terrified by his father and nurtured by his mother, he chose to be the latter one as reported by close ones and psychoanalysts, he was softer in approach choosing to inherit his mother’s behavior rather than his father’s which he hated to the core and has failed to overcome. this lead to his sexual derangement as he turned feminine sexually.

Hiding his past:

as you all are aware of the fact that he has kept his ancestral roots hidden and has changed many of his cousin’s surname and notably his own sister’s Paula’s surname to the wolf. the same thing has been done to many of his cousins and relatives . his fearful nature and constant rejection of it has made him ‘The Maniac’.

Oedipus complex:

reports even suggest that he has developed sexual desires towards his own mother, which may be unconscious, but it increases hatred towards the same sex parent while attachment increases towards opposite sex parent. and also brutal treatment from his father’s side played a big role.

Castration anxiety:

this appears as a result of Oedipus complex as in this case there is fear of damage to the penis as the individual develops sexual desire towards a parent and due to which is afraid to another parent because the child thinks he will be punished by his father for the desire towards his mother.

Syphilophobia :

in adulthood, castration anxiety can take another form and the individual can be afraid towards losing his penis due to syphilis, as a young age he was afraid as well, but the cause was father’s punishment, here it is a disease. This is revealed in his book Mien Kampf as he has regularly described his fear towards syphilis. also, the fear of syphilis forced him not to have a sexual relationship with women.


Hitler housekeeper has revealed that they never found any evidence suggesting a sexual relationship between him and his lover Ana to whom he was married. This proves his sexual desire towards same sex as many reports suggest that he was very soft during his speech and many posts in his parliament were accompanied by homosexuals.

Sexual perversions:

as revealed by one of the founders of the nazi party,  hitler was forcing his niece to get nude and urinate on him,  which in turn used to give him sexual pleasure. To hide and overcome all these flaws in his psychological personality, he decided to take all this frustration out by controlling the world, people and also by means of antisemitism . By this, he was dening  himself that there is any psychological flaw is in his personality.

Superhuman confidence:

as his older brothers did not survive and all of them died young, he took his own survival as he is the chosen one,  as he is super special and this gave him this inhuman confidence. He thought that he is under some divine,  unnatural protection and it is not possible for someone to disharm him.

Messiah complex:

As clear from the name,  the individual thinks of himself as some savior of the masses,  as he is the blessed one. This is how he did let germans believe in him. He treated himself as he is sent by god,  as christ and prophet muhhamad.


As the war turned against him,  he became even more neurotic and his hysterical attacks started coming frequently. As he began to lose control. One of his generals tried to kill him as well due to his neurotic behavior. He started to keep himself alone away from critics as for the first time in a decade he saw defeat and finally started failing to his psychological deformities. As he satrted to lose his stardom, he again refused to give up and accept reality, attempted suicide and ended the long running war between his weakness and his confidence.

Psychopathic background :

In a recent study, it has been revealed that many of his austrian relatives has been or had suffered from psychological disorders. One notable case is his distance cousin having schizophrenia and was killed during mass murder led by hitler while being in a mental asylum.

so,  this is our take on the psychological analysis of Adolf Hitler. Next time, we will do another crazy mad man, see you till then. Let us know if we have missed something in comments below.

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