Psychoanalysis of The Scorpion

We are back and will be dealing with the fiery emotional one this time, the one who is fiery even when belongs to water sign.

Of all the water signs, they are most forceful and determined as a fire sign, but there is a soft spot and they can be seen as “Niagra falls ” that is fiery but with emotions.

So, here we will break down that personality into positives and negatives :

1. Powerful and passionate:

They just like cancer are very passionate, as being a fixed sign as Leo are very powerful as well. since fixed signs are most likely to complete what they have started, Scorpios are very passionate and push themselves to achieve greater heights. They are very powerful as well. As they do not break like cancer or Pisces but can move further when difficulties are around. Also, they are very controlled,they can take care of themselves. They do not run away from difficulties , they chose to fight  and win over them.

2. Possessive:

As being a fixed sign as Taurus, they are very much jealous, possessive and resentful.if they expect something from you and if you do not deliver that much, they can be very mean towards you. But, even being a private individual themselves, they would love to know everything about you and sometimes does deep research on you. On surface, they may look calm. But, on inside they are on fire and filled with passion.

3. Secretive:

As they are a water sign , they keep everything to themselves.they are very secretive and only they know what is going inside them.they just are too strong to carry everything on their own and has personality general, they just like their privacy. They perhaps are the most private sign. They just can not make you your close friend as they have serious trust issues.

4. Great judge of personality:

They can get you even if you are not that much open to them . They just are great at reading people along with Pisces, there is intuition. And you already know their deep research thing.

5. Direct and Honest:

They are very straightforward in their approach as everything they do and say is direct and that’s what they mean. They are brutally honest in giving advice , so beware if you are a soft person. They are the exact opposite of air as of Libra and Gemini, mainly. They are not much into flattery and will not say false things just to impress you.

6. Soft side :

They have a soft side for the weak and sick people. Here, their waterside comes into play as they can not see someone in pain. They are very helpful as well.

7. Attract Enemies / Admirers :

Because of their honest approach, they can attract people and could make them admirers and enemies. They have lots of those from both sides.

8. Takes things personal / Seriousness :

They can make things personal and can plan to get revenge as well. This is because of their damn serious nature. Of all signs, they are  most likely to be revengeful. If do not take revenge, they can pray for your destruction.with excellent memory, they do not forget a single kindness or cheat.

9. A great friend :

They are capable of sacrifices. If you mean something to them, they can fight along you with the world and can be an  honest and loyal friend and will always be there for your help.

10. Addiction and Abuse issues:

They as being a water sign , are easily prone to addictions and that could be alcohol, drugs. They could also indulge into criminal activities.

11.Authority issues :

They certainly can not work under someone’s authority. They just don’t like to do something just because someone said so.

So,  this is an overview of what a Scorpion might look like.  This is just a simple analysis from the psychological point of view. So, please do not judge it as an astrological fanboy. That’s a request.

Psy Advice to deal with a Scorpion :

If you are a water sign :

1.Cancer: This could go well as they both desires for emotional safety and are also hard workers. No issue here.

2. Scorpio: Well,  it depends on rising sign, you know why?. Like repels!

3. Pisces: Even better match than cancer.

If you are an earth sign:

1. Taurus: Both are almost the same,  so a good match.

2.Virgo: well, it depends. Virgos are morons, too.

3.Capricorn: Perhaps, the best match. Your mirror image.

If you are a fire sign :

1  Aries: Bad meets evil,  destruction!

2. Leo: If both can withstand the natural course of time, it could be deep and lifelong.

3.Sagittarius: Okay!

If you are an air sign:

1. Gemini: All in or all Out.

2  Libra: Okay

3. Aquarius: Hazard/Wonder

So, just treat them with respect and you will get it back. Otherwise, you are only asking for trouble,  good luck!


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