Rebellious Zodiac Signs (are You?)

This time we are doing something new and this is going to be the first of our 6  ZODIAC SIGNS series. Where we are going to divide the ZODIAC into the half. And we will have a look on the most rebellious zodiac signs of all the time.

Here we are going to talk about the signs which are most likely to be rebellious due to their Independency or fiery nature or some other reasons.

Rebellious Zodiac Signs


Due to the fire element which gives independent nature as well as lots of physical and mental strength, These folks will not do a single thing which they do not consider to be true or precise. They are capable of doing everything on their own so, due to this nature, they are rebellious ones and are ready to go alone if provoked.

  • LEO

Again fire comes, due to their fixed nature they are not as hardy as an ARIES is but, if they are emotionally done, they are ready to leave as well, again he or she is having super strength, they can do everything on their own, so yeah they just can be extremely rebellious.


As they are always in social networks, their constant urge for recognition can see them go out of their comfort zone to go rebellious and achieve whatever they want to. As being an Air sign, they are extremely independent and that desire for freedom leads to this.


Again, fire comes and this time they are free and yeah cannot stay under someone”s command, they are extremely rebellious and cannot do anything against their own will, of course, their wanderer nature and constant desire to roam here and there makes one of the most rebellious signs.


Here comes a sign who is extremely passionate, humble does not have a single quality of fire but, still due to Saturn” s seriousness, they love to do their own shit, some Batman kind of persona of independency see them go rebellious even at a small age.the dark side of Saturn gives them extreme courage and pride to go alone.


Here comes the alien of the zodiac, they again due to a background of Saturn wants to do everything on their own even from a small age, pride deep inside wants to help, humanitarian kind of thing pushes them to go rebellious.of course, the air comes and desire of freedom plays a role as well.

Though, there are few more signs who can make this list and of course, few of them who are already there can leave the list as well. but, in a nutshell, these are more rebellious above others.

Advice for Signs which are more likely to be rebellious

  • ARIES:

Yeah, you have too much strength, but sometimes you can use it in the other way and can try to understand other people”s point of view as well.

  • LEO:

Yeah, like the king of the jungle, you want constant attention, and love everyone to listen to you, but sometimes you must let people do whatever their real desire is instead of letting them follow your path.

  • LIBRA:

As being the weakest one in this group because you can not live alone, you must try to respect people and their shits as well and try to control your freaky airy nature.


As being foolhardy, you must know that you are the most superficial sign and yeah every sign is having more wisdom than you, yeah even Aries, so try to think before you do anything.


Do not let your coldness and dark background ruin your kindness and softness and sometimes try to see the light. you are already too good.


Well nothing for you folks, a just same thing which was for Capricorn, you should rely on others as well because you are extremely social

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