She said….

Reading through a lot of love stories I found out that in most cases it seems like when you break out of a relationship, it’s a inner gist where you try to find out someone who’s better, someone who’s more nice, someone who’s more understanding, someone who’s more good looking, someone who’s more smart, someone who’s more mature, someone who’s more rich, someone who’s more responsible, someone who’s more beautiful, someone who’s more caring, someone who’s more loving and most importantly someone who’s better than your ex.

But I want someone just like you. And It’s totally fine and I genuinely get it when you feel and urge for someone better than me. I’m not strong enough to fight the world, this society, your family, my family to keep you in my life but I’m not so weak enough to breakdown and waste my life in regret of not having you, of not being able to work out this relationship, of not being able to step up, of letting you go. I couldn’t get away from my life, I couldn’t give up on myself. There are lot of important people who are connected to me and it’s my responsibility to do fine with my life.
And now that it couldn’t happen between us, doesn’t mean that you were not good enough for me or I wasn’t good enough for you there’s a dialogue in a movie I don’t exactly remember the name, it goes something like ” Every love has it’s own time, it wasn’t our time but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love “
I’m still onto my goal, goal of having a partner like you, goal of living my life with someone like you, goal of achieving all the milestones that I ever wanted to by having someone like you standing alongside me. Because I feel I’m lucky enough to come across a person like you who’s a right fit for me, who understood me well, who supported me well, who treated me well and now I know what kind of a person I need to be with, who can bear with me, who I can’t resist with and who I can always fallback on just like the way I feel for my family and friends that are no less than family. There will always be a lot more to talk about, to think about, to share about from my point of view and then there will be other people who’ll have their own opinion on this topic. My school of thought is this and someone will definitely have thier own, it’s one’s own choice what they think and how they want to carry forward themselves.
” If I get someone better than you it’s good
If I get someone not better than you it’s great
And If I get someone like you it would be perfect “

She said….
I deserve better than you….
I will find better than you….
I’ll date someone better than you….
I’ll love someone better than you….
My turn….
I want someone just like you….
I’ll find someone just like you….
I’ll date someone just like you….
I’ll love someone just like you….

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