The Shy Community Leader !!!!!

He helps, He supports, He Share’s
in short, he’s a backstage boy

He neither expresses nor celebrates
Is what you have thought about him

He’s poor in socialism, an off beat guy
is what you have labelled him

but just for the fact, you need to be close, real close to know him exactly

He’s the most joyful, one can ever be
He’s the most naughtiest, you can’t even imagine

He’s a lover boy, with incredible story to it
passionate, dedicated and genuine, are few colours of him

The best way to describe such a guy,
” Karna ” the true definition !!!!!

He never argues, never debates and
always lets his circle to gather all the limelight

He can be an amazing appreciator
also the ” best critic ” to make you the best

” He gets to your rescue, when you give up
He makes you see life, where you are the ” leader “

And feel privileged to have a SHY COMMUNITY GUY
as a true gem of your life
and if you don’t have one, look around there’s one silent yet shining ” diamond ” to grab for you

                           – Hariom Singh

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