Types of humor with examples

You must have met people with a great sense of humor and also the worst.
Some people believed to have a dark humor and some blue, and yeah there is another especially my favorite – Wit-Wordplay.

Among these, all forms of humor, a person with great sense of humor have mastered one or two.

Previously, humor was supposed as a self-defense mechanism. Psychologist framed it as negatively as they believe it demonstrates superiority, vulgarity, and false behavioral trait.

But thanks to recent studies which revealed the truth behind it. Now humor is significantly termed as fundamental human behavior.

As different types of humor suggestive of different personality traits.
The psychologist found 4 types of humor people use to influence others, either positively or negatively.

Types of humor-

  1. Self-enhancing type of humor
  2. Self-defeating type of humor
  3. Aggressive type of humor
  4. Affiliative type of humor

## Self-enhancing humor

Self-enhancing is really popular in positively influencing a person. As they use this type of humor to get rid of stress. By making comments about themselves. This is one of the non-toxic types of humor used by many successful people’s around the globe.

Example :

“If you could read my mind, I am pretty sure, you will be traumatized for life.”

“finally I was happy, and life said wait…”

“I am so messed up the moment I realized, I am totally grown up.”

This kind of humor used in interviewing for the TV shows.

Goal :

Reducing stress for a moment with compromising difficulties.

## self-defeating humor

This is one of the harmful types of humor used by bullies any defending and targeting others.

Putting yourself down in “poor me” Fashion is called as self-defeating humor.

It comes with many different forms and many people easily become victim of it.

The psychologist noted lack of self-esteem and self-confidence in the people who use this type of humor.

Target: People with this type of humor actually victim of it.

Goal: Try to avoid being insulted. Self-defense mechanism or Freudian id conflict.


“I am a forty year old virgin.”

“Nobody loves me, I was an ugly baby.”

## Aggressive type of humor

As the name suggests, it’s aggressiveness is intended to insult others and harm psychologically.

It’s related to your most favorite stuff on social media today, Memes.

Some people believe, a false trend of a meme is actually a superiority complex, which is definitely harmful.
The kind of humor is also used for bullying people’s.

Some people may influence by this type, but not so far, as its never long-lasting.
Other might laugh and forget the feeling of discomfort.

Target – Others
Goal – To make laugh at others. Insulting someone.

Examples of Aggressive humor:

” I feel nauseous by looking at your picture. ”

” If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb your ego and jump to your IQ.”

## Affiliative type of humor

The most natural and easily adaptable one. It involves telling jokes and stories in a humorous manner. We usually encounter the people with an affiliative sense of humor in everyday life, on TV shows, in stories of old and every other friend circle.

Target: usually they target everyday incident and social life.

Goal: To create a healthy relationship, sense of fellowship and well being in most natural and healthy way.

If you’re fond of jokes related to animals and everyday incident, you are one of them.


“Cats usually understand human commands, but never care to follow them.”

“You are my favorite person to be socially awkward with.”

“I am not sure, how many problems I have, because math is one of them. “

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