Do you trust Your Eye? [Visual Perception]

You might know or don’t the following picture you are seeing it, is not exactly what your eyes are seeing.


Bit complicated, Let me demonstrate it more clearly.

The object on the plot you are seeing at the moment, And the same object your eyes seeing at the moment are completely opposite.

This phenomenon is called visual perception. Eyes perceive impression like the camera. Even the invention of the camera is largely based on the optical illustration.

How does our vision work?

Precisely, the reflection of light on an object on our retina create a picture of an object which is being sent to our brain through neural pathways.

When we see an object on the table, our eyes are seeing same object hanging on the table.

Like upside down. Well by mean of upside down, I don’t mean the upside down illustrated in stranger’s things.
Or maybe I do.

Perception of Upside Down in Strangers Things –

Let’s have quick look on upside down demonstrated in stranger’s things.

“The Vale of Shadows is a dimension that is a dark reflection or echo of our world. It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you and you don’t even see it.”
But, it can’t be scientifically proven. As its a one of the Paranormal phenomenon based on fiction. But whatever our eyes are watching is not fictional.

Like a camera, our eyes see everything upside down.

For an instance, when we look at a flower vase on a table, our sees exactly like this (B1).


And the activity of brain makes us see it like this (B2).


How has this happened?

The answer is brain gets information the different senses, and coordinate it. And our perception is the final result of this coordination.

So when we saw an object, our eyes show it as upside down. But the sense of touch informs the brain that a vase does not hang down from a table.

It is always placed on this. Using this information, the brain rearranges the picture. So that we can see an object on its true relationship with the object.

Should we able to perceive impression of an object we have never seen Before?

Example 1.

Now, would an Eskimo who has never seen flower vases and table perceive the sense impression in this way?
Of course, not.

OK let’s leave Eskimos and talk about ourselves.

Example 2.

If someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of abstract or never seen it before would be able to get the abstract masterpiece.

Example 3.

The man who never listened to Indian classical music, the musical instruments produce meaningless sounds.

The music is nothing more than noise in the fish market.


OK, let’s test you, yourself,

I’m showing you an ambiguous figure.

optical illusion – Ambiguous Figure optical illusion – Ambiguous Figure Ambiguous Figure – Optical illusion ( credit –



What do you saw?

A beautiful woman or an old lady?

this is all optical illusion.

Totally depends on what your eyes want to see. Which is what Your mind is seeing.

But wait…

Do you trust your own Mind?

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