Why do woman like chocolate so much?

Boyfriend: I wish I was with You

Girlfriend: Well My tummy hurts.

Boyfriend: Aww, Periods Bub?

Girlfriend: Yeah Baby…

Boyfriend: I’ll Come over and give you cuddle ok…

Girlfriend: And bring Chocolate.

Credit: Every teenage Relationship

“Chocolates are more like temptation dignified with happiness and love.”

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Perhaps, there is no point in discussing why do we like chocolate? But then here comes the undefined love of human being for chocolate. And more than that unexplained craving for chocolate in periods especially found in the USA.

once someone said, “We all do love, all get hurt and then we eat some chocolate to fall in love again.” Well nobody said that expect me. Recently researchers find out chocolate craving is directly proportional to a desire for companionship. Chocolates have been designed to make you feel addicted.

For a long time, chocolate has been successfully managed to become the most desirable desert for us. But women, they are so desperate and their entitlement with chocolates make researchers find more about “why do woman likes chocolate more than men do?”

Liking and craving for chocolate

Liking and craving for chocolate and related substances were surveyed in a sample of University of Pennsylvania undergraduates and their parents.

Chocolate was highly liked by all groups, with a stronger liking by females. Chocolate is the most craved food among females and is craved by almost half of the female sample (in both age groups). Although this craving is related to a sweet craving, it cannot be accounted for as a craving for sweets.

craving for chocolate in Menstrual period

About half of the female cravers show a very well defined craving peak for chocolate in the perimenstrual period, beginning from a few days before the onset of menses and extending into the first few days of menses.

Is chocolate craving is just a cultural norm

A team of researchers found that women not born in the United States are less likely to experience chocolate cravings as compared to women born to US-born parents and second generations Americans. “While menstrual chocolate cravings are common in the US, they are rare in other parts of the world,” said Julia Holmes, assistant professor of psychology at University at Albany. “For example, research has found only 28 percent of Spanish women experience chocolate cravings around the onset of menstruation and only six percent of Egyptian women crave chocolate at all,” said Holmes.

chockolate craving and culture norm

“These geographic differences hint at the role of cultural norms. In a society that emphasizes the ‘thin ideal’ of female beauty, women may view menstruation as a socially acceptable excuse to indulge in otherwise ‘taboo’ food,” she added.

False beliefs about chocolate craving

1.  For a caffeine boost
2. Because our body needs magnesium
3. Out of stress
4. Became you are hungry (Lol)


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