Why you need to practice saying ‘NO’?

First of all, what it’s mean, “being nice”?
It’s simple, isn’t it?
One of the poster on social media, particularly this one drive my attention to think about ” Is being nice is always good?”

They are people with golden heart. Always ready to give hand or easy to be get help from. They are sensitive to others feelings and care about their loved ones. They are easy to be found. May be you are one of them. But are you always nice? I mean 24/7 being a nice guy is even possible?

If you say “Yes, you are” then,  My dear there is a psychological danger lurking below that friendly surface of yours, a downside take its tolls, a threat you need to know.

So Lets Begin, we are going to find out the psychological dangers and how to cope with one in this scenario. Uncovering truth behind the “being nice and potential psychological dangers.”

## What really nice people’s do when they have negative thoughts or negative emotions?

Of course, we all agree that, we are often encountered by negative emotion at many stages of our life. We express our negative emotions in many different ways. Like we fight with our nearer friend or get frustrated on small things without any reason. But nice person don’t cope with negative emotions as we do. They control and keep there emotion inside. But the major drawback of keeping these emotion inside is naturally these emotions risen up in course of everyday life. Which often lead them towards depression, stress and anxiety.  Internalization hits people who are always nice at it deepest.

## Is people with golden heart are prone to become victim of self criticism?

In case of nice people, “it’s all my fault” is quite common. Blaming yourself rather than others is tendency of nice People to cope with social situation.
If something is constantly hurting them, they try to be even more nicer to others.

You have this critical, scolding drill-sergeant/parent voice coming at you all the time, looking over your shoulder, wagging its finger. Under such steady verbal abuse, you vow to try harder, not screw up, be even nicer, but whatever you do is never good enough; fault, mistakes, incriminations are around every corner.

## Is the nice people act to prove t hemselves?

Unfortunately yes, no one can be nice all the time, people who are always nice often try to be nice by acting in way. They often sacrifices. And also pretends that they are not having any troubles even if they have.
This periodic acting make them harm as they prone to self criticism in certain ways and that’s where anxiety came in.

## what if they loose patience somehow?

One of the reason the nice people loose patience being nice is their expectation for same from others.
If you do all the heavy lifting all of the time, you are prone to periodic collapse.
It may be exhaustion, or it may be getting sick or sinking into the depths of severe depression. The burnout may sideline for awhile, but once you recover, you’re quickly back on duty.

## Is this mean, being a nice person is bad thing?

Those old adages – you attract more with honey; do unto others – are true. You can get attention by being acerbic or mean or making a bizarre comment. But by being nice, being empathetic, building relationships and listening, people begin to recognize that you’re thoughtful and respectful of their position. Shelley  

Moore Capito

Yes, being a nice person is always great. But being always a nice person, not at all. Nice people often control there feelings. They don’t want to tell how they feel or what’s going on with them, which is sometimes necessary.

## what if you are one of them?

1. Try to realize how you really feel
2. be honest with yourself
3. Practice saying no
4. Be you first and then be nice.
5. Tell people if you need a favor in back.
6. Don’t compromise at every stage.

This journey is not simple as it sounds. You are gonna feel anxious or guilty. But remember you are human being before a nice being.

Thanks for reading…and have a great day..!

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